Monday, April 03, 2006

Play Ball!

I love baseball. It doesn't get much better than sitting in the Texas sun enjoying the excitement of the crowd, the crack of the bat, and a nice and tasty hot dog!

This year was a little different. It was the first year in a long time that I didn't get tickets to the home opener and I was a little bit upset. (Saving for a wedding takes a lot out of your piggy bank). But, no need to fear! If you can't go to the baseball game, bring the baseball game to you!

So we played hookie from work to watch our Texas Rangers and broke out the grill!

On our Game Day Menu:

2 Vanilla Cokes with Ice
Hebrew National 99% Fat Free Hot Dogs
Sauerkraut & Grilled Onions
2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo & Relish
1 Betty Crocker Bake n Fill Baseball cake

This was the first time I used my Bake & Fill cake. I got it for a Christmas present, but had forgot about it in my closet. I'm not posting the recipe for the cake because I just used the standard cake mix. (I did make my own cream cheese frosting.) I'll start testing recipes for future games!

Go Rangers! It's going to be a great season!


Anonymous dangerkitty102 said...

OK, how cute are you staying home and making hotdogs and baseball shaped cakes????

4:00 PM


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