Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BV Coastal Estates - 2002 Cabernet Sauvingnon

-Chock-full of alcohol
-Leaves the mouth feeling dry
-"Earthy" as opposed to "fruity"; the first thing I thought of was grass.
-Pungent...I can smell the scent of the wine from further away than usual.
-After a sip, I think of black pepper. And "man, this stuff is going to make me drunk."
-I quasi-broke the cork in the removal process. Luckily, only the top 10% - no "wine fouls" committed with cork getting inside the bottle. We really need a decent bottle opener.

The Black Cauldron - every time I try a wine, I'm going to rattle off a bunch of random tastes that I detect because hey - pretending like you tasted a plum in a man's hat in these wines is half the fun. So...
//edit, Monika wants her opinion separated :)

Adam's Black Cauldron: grass, oak, black pepper, dirt

Monika's Black Cauldron: blackberry, wood, dust, fig


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