Saturday, October 14, 2006

Morning Coffee

The recipe that most people ask me for isn't some fancy dessert or labor intensive meal. It actually is something that takes less that 5 minutes to prepare and I have daily. It's my world famous (okay, maybe only famous to me) coffee.

I've been drinking coffee since 3rd grade and I can't ever see starting my day without it. There is something about a nice rich cup of strong coffee that calms me down after my frantic morning routine, yet energizes me with a positive pick up and go to start my day.

3 Heaping Tablespoons Starbucks Verona Coffee, ground
12 oz water
2-3 Tablespoons coffee-mate fat-free hazelnut or french vanilla creamer

Special Equipment : Hamilton Beach Stay N Go coffee machine & No. 4 Coffee Filter

Fill up Stay N Go Cup with water (leave a little bit of room for the creamer).
Pour the water into the water reservoir.
Place the #4 coffee filter into the appropriate location on the coffee machine.
Fill filter up with coffee grinds
Press the button twice to start coffee machine (you can program the machine to start at a certain time, but I never use that functionality)
Once the red light goes off add creamer, stir, and enjoy.

If you want to drink coffee just like me, then wait 10 minutes before drinking you coffee. Making my coffee is normally the last thing I do before leaving my house in the morning. I take the cup of coffee with me for my 10 minute commute and then drink it when I get to my desk in the morning and prepare for the day's activities.


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