Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BV Coastal Estates - Pinot Noir

(The next three posts are from our other blog. I thought it would be nice to incorporate our wine reviews with the other foodie don't go thinking we've been drinking on a Wed afternoon. They are just copied and pasted from another blog)

Over the past couple days we've had a glass of BV Coastal Estates, but this time it's the Pinot Noir. What a difference that type makes! Keep in mind that we are certainly not wine connoisseurs. The Cabernet hit harder on the tongue, and in its wake was a sort of heavy, peppery, assertive taste.

The PN’s flavor is smoother, right off the bat. It’s harder to quantify exactly what the predominant tastes are, because no one thing really stands out for me – but I’ll get to the cauldron in a moment. In terms of the aftermath of a sip, this wine fades away in a truly subtle fashion, leaving the mouth not quite as dry, and certainly not as bitter. It’s rather pleasant in comparison.

Now, however, it’s time for flavor country.

Adam’s Black Cauldron (or rather this time, just some general thoughts):A mad scientist tried to make a perfume derived from some sort of flower, but screwed it up. Instead, it turned out tasting like dirt, powder, and dust…but somehow in a really tasteful, satisfying sort of way.

Monika’s Thoughts:“Monika’s sophisticated pallet detects the subtle smell and flavor of red wine…alcohol and…are you writing this? Sniff it, swirl it, sniff again…[pondering] strawberries, [rolls eyes]…earthy strawberries. Done! Dusty earthy strawberries!”

Haha, that was much too hilarious to edit.


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