Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mini Retro Snoballs

Tomorrow night Adam and I are attending a Champagne and Dessert Christmas party given by some co-workers and I have decided to bring my Retro Snoball Cupcakes – the mini sized version. My first attempt at these cupcakes was a huge success, but I think a bite size cake would be much better. The coconut will have less chances of falling onto the ground and more chance of falling into your mouth!

I doubled my original cake recipe, but left the marshmallow frosting the same. I changed the dark chocolate to Ghirardelli vs. Valrhona and used a Wal-Mart powdered sugar over my standard brand. The recipe came out as expected – fantastic. The cake is dark, rich, & buttery flavor which is the flavor every adult should look for in a chocolate cake. There is a subtle hit of sugar, but believe me, this is not missed because of the marshmallow frosting.

I've updated the frosting recipe in the other Retro Snoball post so please make this as much as possible!!!


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